Develop your 4th instinct —
the call of the soul.

It’s time to take action and make your life your own.

Kick start the process with a complimentary clarity session.


Meet Serin

Serin helps people clarify, reframe, and achieve through Kokoro, a Japanese principle of aligning body/mind/spirit. She brings a toolbox of tools and Socratic method to unlock your obstacles. Serin brings rigor, focus, and persistence to every engagement with a bulldog-esque mindset, is not afraid to ask tough questions, and drives accountability to achieve your desired outcome.

You want her on your team.


“I cannot say enough amazing things about Serin. Not only is she incredibly talented and driven herself, but she helps bring out the best qualities within yourself. She is a source of light in otherwise dark times. She has helped me find my true self, identity personal goals, and has given me the tools to accomplish those goals. The wisdom and knowledge she has imparted on me is truly invaluable and I would recommend her to my friends and family over and over again.”


“I’ve worked with Serin for over a year and in that time gained valuable knowledge and tools that helped grow my career. She refined my soft skills, encouraged me to further my management training, and due to her mentorship was able to land a VP promotion. I would highly recommend Serin’s consulting services.“


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