I invite you to join me in building what’s next – for you or your business.

But first things first — are you on a Path or Quest?


If you’re on a path, you know where you want to be. You’ve dreamt of it and some mornings you jump out of bed to get started. Your dream is within reach, if you just apply effort and have an accountability partner. You don’t need me. You have you — just go find an amazing accountability partner to help tick those boxes.

If you’re on a path and know some fundamental parts of you are going to need to change *big time*, let’s talk. Let’s make that dream as expansive as it can be. If you get an itch that something in you needs to change or rise, even more reason to have a no-cost 30 minute consult.


Your Quest


You know how you want to feel but where to start. You talk with friends, family, partners, neighbors, strangers and search the web far and wide for answers. Guess what? This is a very human experience and. It’s a little like dancing to music but having no idea what the tune is, and you want more, but have no idea where to get it. It is commonly felt in questions like:
“What’s my purpose?”
“Why am I here?”

This quest has been recognized across nearly every culture and ethnicity around the world. It is part of the human experience. My life’s work is to help people with their quest and unpack how to get to where they need to be.

Meet Serin

Simply put, Serin helps people shift into the new. She has been transforming businesses and individuals for 15+ years. Whether it’s growing a budding business, leading a big career change or identifying an individual’s true purpose, Serin brings multi-dimensional talent to the table.

Serin helps businesses and individuals clarify, reframe, and achieve. Acting as a skilled guide, she tailors each program to meet where the client is on their path. She believes a dash of humor can be infused into nearly every situation — along with rigor, focus, and persistence. Serin has a ‘bulldog-esque’ mindset, is not afraid to ask tough questions, and drives accountability to achieve the desired outcome.

Prior to entrepreneurship, Serin headed marketing at Hearst Corporation’s iCrossing, where she was responsible for brand-building and revenue for Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn, West Elm, Chevron, and PetSmart. She has worked with some of the strongest business talent in the US, APAC and Europe. Serin is an advisor to the board of She Dares, Amsterdam.

Empowered Change.


“I cannot say enough amazing things about Serin. Not only is she incredibly talented and driven herself, but she helps bring out the best qualities within yourself. She is a source of light in otherwise dark times. She has helped me find my true self, identity personal goals, and has given me the tools to accomplish those goals. The wisdom and knowledge she has imparted on me is truly invaluable and I would recommend her to my friends and family over and over again.”
“I’ve worked with Serin for over a year and in that time gained valuable knowledge and tools that helped grow my career. She refined my soft skills, encouraged me to further my management training, and due to her mentorship was able to land a VP promotion. I would highly recommend Serin’s consulting services.“


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