1:1 Coaching

We have one life to live and need to give ourselves permission to live it. People who work with me want to go deep, go to the places that excite them and scare them to get to the gold hiding inside of themselves.

Requires  minimum 4-month commitment. Bring your full self to the table.

  • (2) 90-minute sessions per month.
  • Active exercises.
  • Everything is on the table.
  • Show up with your full self.

Team Training During Rapid Change

  • A rapidly changing world means the opportunity to work differently.
  • Train differently.
  • Lead differently.

How do we pivot our leadership styles when it is hard to know the path forward? We work to uncover social-emotional intelligence styles, strength of each teammate, and marry that with the goals in your organization. End result: stronger teams where needs are met, people are challenged in their roles, and companies are better suited to compete, win and retain top talent.

Each training plan is tailored to your specific team needs and organization.

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